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The Road to Narromine - Jim Richards
The Road to Narromine

Sailplanes, soaring, film-making, flying, broadcasting. $3.99

Film director, Jim Richards, has a passion. Flying 'gliders' in NSW, Australia. This rollicking memoir takes you on one of the wildest and most entertaining trips as Renaissance man Richards lives life to the hilt. ...more...

The Philippines on $40 a Day
The Philippines on $40 a Day

Jeepneys, underground rivers, festivals, hot springs...  $3.99

An account of a feisty forty daytour of the Philippines by an Indian travel writer new to the country. For anyone interested in touring the Philippines, this is a must. Many colour photos.  ...more...
Journey Beyond God - John Alexandra

Journey Beyond 'God'

The key to self-awareness. $4.99

What is the inner secret behind Buddhism, Gurdjieff, Zen, Vedanta, Taoism, Sufism and Christianity? This remarkable study takes you far beyond the conventional view to the hidden essence of these great teachings. ...more...
Travelling with Mr Shwe - Pam Scott

Burma (Myanmar).

What's it really like to live in this secretive country? $5.95

You've seen the headlines. Now read the book. A contemporary account of life inside Burma that's now more relevant than ever. Travelling with Mr Shwe is written by South East Asian expert, Pam Scott who intimately knows the country. (Includes 200 photos) ...more...

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All Fall Down - Ray Johnstone
All Fall Down

Young adult thriller. Life in occupied France.  $3.95

Paul and Claude are growing up in the midst of the horrors of WW2. And that's not all they have to cope with. Both are in love with the same girl. An adventure story with great sense of place and period. ...more...

The Game - Clinton Smith
The Game

Psychological thriller, Vendetta.  $3.99

Four innocents are enticed to what seems to be an island resort, but it's a battleground. They face an escalating series of trials that will eventually see all but one of them killed. This thriller really twists the knife. Optioned for film. ...more...


Vietnam Revisited - Pam Scott
Vietnam Revisited

Travel, Vietnamese Women, South East Asia. $5.95

South East Asian traveller, Pam Scott, looks back on the remarkable changes she has witnessed in Vietnam over the last two decades. Over 200 photos.  ...more...

No Time for the Smiths - Ben Smith
No Time for the Smiths

Memoir, Young Love, Australian History, humour. $3.99

Fifty years ago, Sydney, was a kinder, slower place. But when a gormless just married couple decided to live 26 miles from town, romance and reality clashed. Australia in the fifties. Heartwarming, hilarious and true. ...more...

Kiss Me Dead - Peta Fox
Kiss Me Dead

Steamy murder-mystery, sex-crimes, kinks. $2.99

What happens when a detective discovers her body is the murder weapon? A descent into sex and consensual slavery keeps you guessing to the end. First murder mystery in this raunchy streetwise series. A whodunit that really gets you in.  ...more...

The Fourth Eye - Clinton Smith
The Fourth Eye

Fiction, Thriller, Espionage, Action-adventure. $3.99

An engine that runs on water. And an oil cartel ready to kill anyone who happens to find out. One man faces the surveillance society. His only weapon - total recall. From best selling thriller writer, Clinton Smith. Optioned for film. ...more...

Gurdjieff and the Arch Preposterous - Joy Lonsdale
Gurdjieff and the Arch Preposterous

Fact, Hermetic Code, Esoteric, Fourth Way, occult.  $5.95
An expert on the Hermetic Code interprets part of Gurdjieff's great allegory, All and Everything, from an autobiographical perspective. This book, ten years out of print, continues to be sought after as an eBook.  ....more...

Death Has No Face - Peta Fox
Death Has No Face

Steamy murder-mystery, sex-crimes, exotic. $2.99
Browned off bi-sexual sleuth, Jen Madden, specializes in sex crimes. When she traces a serial killer to a cult, she has to put her body on the line to save her skin. Second mystery in this sexy, foxy series. ...more...
How to Keep Fit Without Exercise - Martin Jensen

How to Keep Fit Without Exercise

Fact, Fitness, Humour, Medical mythbusting. Just $0.99
Here's the lowdown on exercise that other books take long chapters to express, collated in one jaunty, jiffy digest. Can you really laze your way to fitness? Learn how. ...more...
Death Takes a Hike - Peta Fox

Death Takes a Hike

Steamy murder-mystery, sex-crimes, , raunchy. $2.99
Third in this top mystery series. Amateur sleuth, Jen Madden, specializes in sex crimes. When she's hired by a mega-rich funeral dynasty to uncover kinky business in the family, she soon discovers there are fates far worse than being buried alive.
Some Left... but Many Stayed Behind - Pam Scott

Some Left... But Many Stayed Behind

Travel, Vietnamese Women, South East Asia. $5.95

Stories of eighteen Vietnamese women who lived through the Vietnam War, some eventually escaping to Australia as boat people, others staying behind either by chance or necessity. Fascinating stuff. ...more...
Talks With Al - Gina Stoner

Talks With Al

Inspirational, Self-transformation. $2.99
A teenage boy discovers that the local handyman is actually a sage in disguise. And the encounter proves to be both enlightening and terrifying. This wily book uses a simple series of encounters to open a whole new way of living. ...more...


Project Thunder - Clinton Smith

Project Thunder

Fiction, Maritime Thriller, Shipwreck,  Space Probe. $3.99
A shipwreck off the coast of Norway. A mysterious device from outer space found in the Australian outback. An Australian mercenary trying to vindicate his father. This all-stops-out escapade never lets up. ...more...


Living The Dream - Pam Scott
Living The Dream

Travel, Expatriates, Living in Exotic Countries. $5.95
The adventures of ten souls who threw caution to the wind, decamped to exotic countries and started living their dream. Before you try to do the same, better read how they got on. ...more...


Deep Six - Clinton Smith

Deep Six

Fiction, Techno-Thriller, C130 Gunship, Secret Service.
Sequel to The Fourth Eye. A mercenary with total recall teams up with a tycoon who flies his own C130 Gunship. High-tech thriller writing at its best with non-stop action and a cast of believable characters. ...more...
Middle Kingdom - David Farnsworth

Middle Kingdom

Poetry Anthology, Travel Tales, Ballarat, China. $3.95
Russia... China... Tibet... Farnsworth's been everywhere and written about it all. A cynical, amusing and world-spanning collection of award winning poems.
Tales From a Country Town - Clinton Smith

Tales From A Country Town

Short Story Anthology, Literary, Ballarat. $3.99

An anthology of award winning stories set in different periods but based around the provincial city of Ballarat - a town where what's going on isn't what's going on at all. ...more...
Exit Alpha - Clinton Smith

Exit Alpha

Fiction, Adventure Thriller, Antarctica, Secret Service.
When the world's most secret intelligence agency starts to implode, anything can happen - and does! A kidnapped Pope in a covert Antarctic base? Airships? It's all here. ....more...
The Logos Probe - Jack Cross

The Logos Probe

Near-future Science Fiction. $3.99.

Alexander Logos is the Edison of his age. But all his brilliant innovations can't save him from the obscene pact between his daughter and wife. What happens when the quest for physical immortality is taken to its logical conclusion?


How to Get What You Want - Martin JensenHow to Get What You Want

Life Skills, How To, Self Help. $0.99

How to instantly stop hiccups. How to enjoy being pestered by flies. How to change traffic lights to green. How to control the weather. How to get someone to phone you... Jensen has all the secrets. And the funny thing is - they all work. ...more...

Dictionary of Allegorical Words - Joy Lonsdale

Dictionary of Allegorical Words

Fact, Hermeticism, Esotericism, Spirituality. $3.95

A dictionary based on Hermetic interpretations. The late Joy Lonsdale finished this work just before she died. ...more...

Hanoi Stories - Pam Scott

Hanoi Stories

Living for eight years in Hanoi. $5.95

Is it possible to fall in love with a city? Pam Scott did and lived in Hanoi for eight years. She tells of the unexpected sides of the city and the people she came to know and love. A heartfelt and fascinating evocation of the city and its people from this much published travel writer.  ...more...

 Meet the author:

 Jim Richards 
Jim Richards is a highly successful film director, sailplane pilot and general Rennaisance man who has encapsulated his love of soaring ('gliding') in his fascinating memoir
The Road to Narromine.


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